Original Oil Paintings

Tiger Portrait

The Tiger is a animal I have always admired and now that I have finished this piece, I can say that I’ve accomplished my goal of painting this beautiful beast….

Oil painting on a primed, 11″x14″ by 1-1/2″ deep cradled wood panel, framed

Momma Bear

Our journey to Smoky Mountain National Park brought us close to nature in unexpected ways. While staying in a cabin, we were treated to a peaceful encounter with a Bear. From the comfort of the deck, we watched as a relaxed Momma Bear scratched her back against a fallen tree trunk.

This tranquil moment inspired an oil painting on a 24″x36″ cradled wood framed panel which serves as a reminder of one of nature’s awe-inspiring moments.

Great Horned Owl

Reflection on a memorable sighting in Quebec, Canada is the inspiration for this oil painting depicting the majestic Great Horned Owl, a symbol of beauty and prowess in the avian world.

Rendered on a 12″x24″ cradled wood panel, this artwork captures the essence of this beautiful predator, elegantly framed for display.

Barn Swallows

Inspired by a tranquil scene at Braddock Bay, this oil painting depicts a charming lineup of Barn Swallows perched on a dock railing, their iridescent feathers shimmering in the warm sunlight.

Rendered on a 12″x24″ cradled wood panel and elegantly framed, this artwork invites viewers to experience the tranquility of a sunlit morning by the bay.

Burrowing Owl

There’s an undeniable charm in seeing Burrowing Owl families in action. Watching their antics as they diligently manage their sandy dwellings is always an adventure.

Immerse yourself in their world through an oil painting on a 14″x11″ cradled wood panel, framed to beautifully capture the essence of their playful spirit.


Spring brings out the territorial side of the Canada Goose and they can put on quite a show. This mixed-medium painting vividly portrays the lively interactions as they squabble to stake their claim for their spot to raise a family in the marshy landscape.

Presented on a framed, 12″x24″ cradled wood panel, their territorial disputes are captured in this piece.

Shorebirds at Barnegat Lighthouse

Inspired by a visit to Barnegat Lighthouse State Park, this painting captures the enchanting sight of Ruddy Turnstones foraging through seaweed-covered rocks along the pier.

This beautifully rendered, framed oil painting is presented on a 14″x11″ cradled wood panel and brings to life the tranquility of their coastal exploration.

Portrait of a Cape Buffalo

Credit for the reference photo of this magnificent Cape buffalo goes to Becky Syring, whose generosity allowed me to bring this stunning creature to life in this oil painting.

Destined for the Off the Beaten Path Safaris office in Tanzania, this artwork, measuring 24″x36″ on a cradled wood panel, will serve as a reminder of the wildlife wonders awaiting adventurers…

Eastern Screech Owl

The tranquility of a Vermont winter comes alive in this oil painting depicting an Eastern Screech Owl perched in the hollow of a majestic Maple Tree, bathed in the warm glow of the afternoon sun on a brisk winter day.

This oil painting, displayed on a framed 12″x12″ cradled wood panel captures the serenity of the wintry landscape, inviting viewers to share in the peacefulness of the moment.

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