fine art for sale

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 Vermont life paintings


paintings from the wild side


original art also available in matted prints and cards

Fine Art Prints and Cards for sale

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our fine artwork prints in the following options:

  • Matted Print 11 in x 14 in                 $40.00
  • Matted Print 8 in x 10 in                   $25.00
  • Backed Print 6 1/2 in x 9 1/2 in      $22.00
  • Backed Print 11 in x 14 in                 $16.00
  • Original Card 4 in x 6 in                     $5.00

 additional choices for prints and cards

  Prints - Original Photography   Prints - Photography  Prints - Original Photography  Prints - Original Photography   Prints - Original Photography

caRved, sculpted, and re-purposed pieces

clay pieces


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