Claire Payne Studios

Location: 4787 Ethan Allen Highway
Phone: 8027825930

About the Artist...

Claire Payne

As a fine artist, the common thread running through Claire Payne’s work is a fascination for the culture and history of the communities she loves in southern Quebec and northwestern VT.  Known best for her portraiture, produced in  mediums including acrylic, oil and photography, her style is crisp and playful and she is masterful at turning a moment in time into a treasured piece that will cause you to pause and ponder.

Enormously passionate about all thing’s art through her formative years, she received formal training at Swain School of Design in New Bedford MA and has continues to express her passion and creativity throughout her career.

Claire currently resides in Georgia VT.  Her first love is painting and her body of work draws on years of experience spanning art mediums including painting, sculpting, photography and graphic arts. She is a commercial Artist and Co-Owner of Claire Payne Studios.

about the studio....fine art work studio georgia vermont

We are a local Vermont Studio located in a restored historic barn and  known for an eclectic array of fine art including drawing, painting, 3D art, and photography.  It is the hope of both Joe and Claire Payne to establish a local business that benefits the local economy, assists local artists by providing a meeting space for creative activities and art enthusiasts.



about the 1786 property  restoration...

Claire Payne Studio is located in the renovated barn that is part of the Solomon Goodrich Homestead.  The homestead is located on Ethan Allen Highway, .75 miles north of the Georgia Historical Society. The barn is an example of 18th century post and beam construction and is thought to be one of the oldest structures in the town of Georgia.

The original property was deeded to Ira Allen. Solomon Goodrich claimed this property for back taxes in 1792 and Ira Allen deeded the property to Goodrich in 1795. The original property consisted of 100 acres.

In 1786 Solomon Goodrich built a small frame house on the property (believed to be on the site of the “1786 Barn”). The brick house was built in 1802 and expanded in 1888. The farm had been
used for sheep, cattle and dairy farming and grew to approximately
300 acres. In 1978 the property was sub divided with two acres of
land, the house and three outbuildings being split off from the farm.

When we purchased the property in May of 2014, it had four structures, the Federal Style brick house built in 1802, the barn believed to have been built in 1786, a circa 1888 barn/shed (re-purposed for materials to restore the 1786 barn) and a 20th Century building that had been used as a dairy barn. The property reflects the evolution of Vermont homesteading and farming traditions as well as the evolution of building techniques.

By re-purposing these two structures into an art studio, we hope to give access to the public to experience these different building styles as well as promoting and preserving the agricultural heritage of the Town of Georgia and the State of Vermont.

Additionally, it is our hope to establish a local business that benefits the local economy, assists local artists by providing a meeting space for creative activities and art enthusiasts.

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