When you are ready to make a great impression with quality artwork, give me a call.  Some of the services offered are listed below.


  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Design and Support
  • Photography
  • Fine Art Portraiture
  • Private Art lessons
  • Paint Parties

interested in having a paint party Ι  contact us!  Ι  802.782.5930 Ι claire3p@gmail.com

There is a little artist in all of us….  to find yours book a party with us!

              We provide everything needed for you and your friends to have a fun filled painting party in your location, your business or right here at our studio! Once you book an event with us,  all you have to do  is show up and have fun and we do the rest!  You’ll breeze through your  custom canvas or project with step by step instruction guiding you along the way; helping beginners and seasoned artists create a painting they can be proud of!